Cangzhou Quan Xin Technology Valve Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0086-317-2178035
Fax: 0086-317-2178008
Address:Shenyang Road 1,High Technology Industrial Development Zone,Cangzhou,Hebei,China.
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  Cangzhou Quan Xin Technology Valve Co., Ltd.(original known as Cangzhou Dacheng Seal Mfg Co.,Ltd)founded in 1997.Through almost 20 years of hard work , QUANXIN has become the leading manufacturer of investment castings in China , supplying a wide range of high-quality investment castings and machined products.QUANXIN is a high-tech enterprise integrating design&development,manufacture&processing and sale&service.Specialized in valves,pipe fittings and various of handware products.The company has the professional valves design center and the technical service center, has the valves assembly line and the valves examination experiment line.
   The products are designed and manufactured according to international standards such as ISO4144 ,EN10241,ANSI,API,DIN,BS,GB,JIS,etc. Materials include stainless steel , cardbon steel , alloy steel etc.The company has acquired ISO 9001 Certificate and the CE authentication successively.
  The product have been sold all over the world,such as Amercia,Europe,Middle East,East South Aisa, Australia etc. and established an excellent reputation through high quality. In other words, by working with QUANXIN, you will find yourself always working with the right source through proper channel and getting exactly the right thing at the most competitive cost from China.
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